Inside Cities is a VR tool for immersive urban analysis. Utilizing Open Government Data and OpenStreetMap information, the tool automates the processing of urban data, saving time and resources typically required for data collection, processing, and display. By providing a visual spatial representation of urban environments and data, it simplifies access to essential information for architects, urban planners, and the public, making complex information comprehensible.  

Exploring scales variations: 1:2000, 1:100, 1:1

The experience starts at a 1:2000 scale, allowing for an initial overview of the area. The user can choose to reposition, rotate, and rescale the model to experience different scales of the urban model.

The tool was tested in a typical urban setting in Vienna‘s 15th district to explore its practical implications.

Inside Cities - Commercial Functions Urban Analysis View, Bianca Severin
General Overview – Commercial functions view of the analysis area
3d Model Westbahnhof with no data overlay
3d model Westbahnhof with
Inside Cities - Hand menu
Hand menu in the tool, no data overlay, first person perspective
Commercial functions first person perspectives
Commercial functions in the analysis area, first person perspective
1:1 scale perspective
1:1 Perspectives: Animation of a car in traffic on the Mariahilferstraße and pedestrian view of the Felberstraße/Schweglerstraße Intersection
Transport and Mobility – Street Categories View of the analysis area
Changes and Trends view of the larger analysis area; population density prediction in 2027

Datenquelle: Stadt Wien,